Rape Pollens 30

Rape Pollens 30


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Rape Pollens 30 is a remedy to reduce the severity of reaction to Rape Pollens
If you have not purchase the hayfever box or any other pollens requiring synergist you will need to order synergist with this product.
Homoeopathic medicines should be taken in a ‘clean mouth’. This means that the mouth should contain only saliva. This may be achieved by avoiding food or drink (except for pure water), and not cleaning the teeth, for at least half an hour before or after taking the remedy. A dose is 2 drops under the tongue.

If you have purchased a Hayfever Box you will have Synergist, if not you will need to order a bottle of Synergist with this remedy
DAY 1 – Take one dose of SYNERGIST followed by one dose of Rape Pollens 30 in the morning and one dose of Rape Pollens 30 in the evening
DAYS 2 to 7 – Take one dose of Rape Pollens 30 morning and evening. Do not take SYNERGIST on these days
N.B there is no need to take a weekly dose or repeat next year like the other hayfever pollens