Please find below a list of useful websites

British Complimentary Medicine Association:

Hyperactive children’s Support Group:

Homeopathy Explained:

The National M.E.Centre:

IBS Network:

National Candida Society:

Talk Allergy:
Free information and support for people and families living with allergies.

Health Creation:
Providing holistic and integrated health care products and services enabling people to become more involved in the creation of their optimum health.

Foods Matter:
Foods Matter is a monthly magazine providing information, support and inspiration for anyone with a food allergy, food intolerance or food sensitivity.

Nutrition & Dietetics discussion forum for Dietitians, Health Professionals, Caterers and related students.

Asthma News in the UK and Ireland:
The purpose of this web site is to collate up to date news and information on asthma in the UK and Ireland.

Act Against Allergy:
A global educational initiative designed to increase the awareness of childhood food allergy.

7 Words:
A special Life Management Technique to help resolve difficulties at work and in relationships, and to help clear confusion.

Gluten Free Pages contains details of GF news and events, eating places, retailers, manufacturers, new products, a gluten free Forum and expert articles aimed at making a GF life easy.

Allergy Friendly Hotels:
A directory of hotel, B&B and self catering accommodation, suited to people who suffer from allergies including dust mite allergy, pet allergy, and food allergies.

Allergy Best Buys:
A directory of safe, tested products that can help you avoid the triggers that set off an allergic reaction or provide comfort and relief when symptoms strike.

The International Institute For Complementary Therapists:
Representing practitioners operating within the natural health industry.

Allergy Resource Centre:
Allergy to fragrance is a problem that affects more than 2 million people.

Children’s Disabilities Resources:
Allergy Resources.

Yoga and Asthma