Refresher weekend

Refresher weekend




​From time to time we are asked if we are prepared to offer revision weekends and we thought it would be helpful to offer attendance at the practical Weekend of our Allergy Diploma Course. This would be a good opportunity for anyone wishing to update/refresh their testing and treatment skills. It would also offer an opportunity to students who are doing the Diploma Course, but have lost their confidence in muscle testing/prescribing and fallen behind, to get going again.
You would have a chance to resolve any testing difficulties you may have, to discuss case histories with colleagues and receive information about new ideas and ways of treatment. Cases for general discussion would include skin disorders and difficulties, bowel disorders, help with influenza and colds. We would be interested in any success stories which you would like to share with us and other therapists, and we will share ours. We are offering 8 CPD points for each day.
Topics at the weekends would include:

Day 1.
Case histories and use of questionnaires.
Testing for food and environmental allergies.
Treatment of Candida
Checking and correcting organ function (liver, thyroid, ovaries, pituitary, pancreas etc)
Prescribing of desensitising and homeopathic remedies.
This is a good day for those who may have lost confidence in their muscle testing

Days 2 and 3
Consolidation of muscle testing technique and Day 1
Importance of parasites (bacteria, viruses etc) and vaccinations in allergic conditions
Prescribing homeopathic nosodes, and anti-miasmic remedies
Treatment of dental amalgam problems and heavy metal poisoning
These days are ideal for those who did the “old course” as these topics were not covered in the
early days